Front Register Settings

You can set up your register through Settings >> Company/Stores >> Register.

Once you have set up your store, you will need to set up the registers assigned to the store.  MicroBiz uses the concept of 'virtual registers'.  Rather than permanently attaching a register to a physical piece of hardware, such as a computer or a cash drawer, registers are accessed through a login process.  So the 'register' will be tied to whatever computer/drawer is used to log into the selected register.   As a result, you will need to pay attention to which store and register is selected when logging into MicroBiz.

There are a few fields that may require further explanation:

  • Store -  All registers must be assigned to a store.  You cannot assign a register to multiple stores.  As these are virtual registers, be sure to assign the register to the store where it resides.
  • Payment Card Integration - MicroBiz can be used with stand alone payment terminals, or with integrated payments (i.e. payment terminals that light-up and display the transaction amount when a user hits the 'Pay' button in MicroBiz.)  For more information on integrated payments with desktop PCs, click here.
  • Register Print Mode -
  • Payment Methods - This setting controls which payment tender options are shown at the front registers when a user clicks on the Pay button.

Additional Settings

There are some additional settings for the register that you may want to review.  These setting control how certain register functions behave, such as out of stock warnings, discounts, and refunds.  Go to Settings  >> General >> Advanced Settings >> Register.

Troubleshooting: Settings That Affect Register Set-up

  • Check screen resolution. Recommended is 1280 x 1024 or higher.  Minimum is 1280 x 800. 800 x 600 will not display properly. 
  • Check that printer can be seen by browser properly.  If you are using a 40 column printer, the print preview should display 40 columns. If it fails, you should try reinstalling the print driver.
  • Check printer definition.  Options are to open drawer on, before or after print and a paper 'cut'.  Make sure this is set-up properly in the printer properties to match how your drawer/printer operate.   We don't send those commands (yet).
  • Check that cash drawer is attached to printer.  Please note that separate usb/serial drawers are not supported. 
  • Check RAM available to browser.  Best results are obtained when the browser has plenty of memory.  

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