Company Settings

Let’s begin by setting up your Company and Store information such as contact address, email, phone number, company name, etc.. To begin, navigate to Settings >> Company/Stores >> Company Settings

This will open a blank form that you will need to fill in with your company info.  This is most helpful for multi-location retailers where the address of the store group is different than the individual stores.  If you have one location, then you will need to fill in the same information here and in the Store Settings screens.  Any required fields on all screens are marked with a red asterisk. 

This form is used to enter data for the following purposes:

  • Company Name - This is appears at the top of the MicroBiz screens and on Reports.

  • Company Contact Information - This is used for company-level functions, such as company level reporting.

  • Email - This is used for company-level functions.

  • Phone - This is used for company-level functions.

  • Company Image/Logo - Used for Invoices and Purchase Orders

  • Company Time Zone - This is used for all reporting.   So, while you can enter different time zones for different stores, any consolidated functions will use this time zone for consistency.

  • Currency - This is the functional currency used throughout MicroBiz.  You cannot use different currencies for different stores.  The currency label will appear on various screens and reports throughout the application.

Once you have ensured these settings are correct, go ahead and click on the “Save” button at the top right hand of your screen.

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